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Composed of approximately 520 students and 20 professors, the Department of Architecture pursues a practice-oriented and generalist approach to teaching. Graduates from the Architecture programme at Munich University of Applied Sciences should be able to design, construct, organise and control, as well as to coordinate architectural and urban development projects as generalists.
In a six-semester undergraduate bachelor's degree programme and a resulting four-semester master's degree programme, students acquire the core competences of architectural design, from the urban scale to the construction detail, and synopses of social, ecological and economic aspects. The analytical ability to recognize problems, the knowledge of appropriate strategies and the ability to implement an idea through the design of built spaces are the focus of our teaching.
There are currently around 340 students enrolled in the bachelor's degree programme and about 180 participants in the master's degree programme. In both courses, the proportion of female students is slightly higher.
The specific orientation of the university is characterised by a strong practical relevance and our professors are closely involved in professional practice. They directly implement, through the various courses, their experience and knowledge gained in connection with planning, competitions, construction projects and expert reports.

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