Welcome to the Department of Architecture

Like barely any other professional group, architects carry great responsibility to organize and design our built environment within a constantly changing society. To fulfil this responsibility to society and contractors, architects need an interdisciplinary education that allows them to develop suitable strategies to solve the complex problems ranging from demographic transformation to climate change.

The study of architecture must provide a methodical, creative, constructive and technical foundation, but also the ability to reflect critically on the adequacy and accountability of architecture.

Over the course of a six-semester undergraduate bachelor's program and a subsequent four-semester master's program, designed to acquire professional qualifications, students at our faculty acquire the core skills needed to design our living environments in a holistic range from urban scale to building details, all on an international level and with due consideration of social and economic circumstances. We take particular care in our teaching to foster an analytical grasp in identifying problems, an awareness of appropriate strategies and the circumspect, practical skills required to complete cohesive projects within brick-and-mortar, contiguously experiential spaces.

In this, the faculty upholds the principle of critically minded students with unique personalities and independent perceptions.

Strong bonds between teachers and students contribute to the requisite practical relevance and nurture debate on ideas proposed by motivated lecturers, qualified to the highest of standards, who bring their diverse experience to open discourse, thereby contributing to the students' maturation process.

The studious atmosphere in the listed premises of the Karlstraße campus nurtures an education characterized by motivation, passion and enthusiasm.

Professor Andreas Meck, Head of Department

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