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Fachprojekt 3 - Vertiefung Gestaltung | Art + Design Research

Prof. Sandra Bartoli

MA_13 Fachprojekt 3 - Vertiefung Gestaltung | Art + Design Research

Di 14.00 – 17.15
Raum 214



The Stones of Munich 1

Nymphaeum in Genazzano attributed to Bramante
Photo: Sandra Bartoli, 2014

The title for this seminar refers to The Stones of Venice, the book critic John Ruskin wrote between 1851 and 1853. Anchored in the special conditions of Venice, this book deals in minute detail with the unique characteristics of the buildings, the urban situation as well as the city's ecological balance connected to the lagoon. One compelling aspect in the work of Ruskin is the relationship between buildings and nature, especially in the understanding of decay as both a natural process and an aesthetic quality of architecture. This is a concept that helps reflecting upon the sustainability and the ecology of architectural structures, but also more fundamentally, conceiving of the dissolution of the dualism between nature and the human environment. This seminar includes a theoretical research and a practical part as it will probe, document, and make a drawing survey of the spatial qualities of artifacts in the city of Munich that address these questions, partially inspired by Ruskin, of the relationship between architecture, natural processes, and decay. The course is organized with a series of excursions in Munich.

Das Fachprojekt ist inhaltlich und organisatorisch dem Institut ADR_Art and Design Research | Gestaltung zugeordnet.

Das Modul ist wählbar als Vertiefungsmöglichkeit im Lehrgebiet Gestaltung / Art + Design Research (ADR).
Eine Vertiefung Gestaltung / Art + Design Research wird im Masterzeugnis ausgewiesen, wenn insgesamt 40 ECTS in den Modulen MA_13, MA_22, MA_23 und MA_04 (Masterarbeit) mit der Vertiefung Gestaltung / Art + Design Research erfolgreich abgeschlossen sind.

1. Treffen und Einführung: Dienstag 26.03.2019, 14:00, Raum 214