Vorlesungsverzeichnis Masterstudiengang

Fachprojekt 1 – Gestaltung

Prof. Bontjes van Beek, David Curdija

MA_11 Fachprojekt 1 – ADR_Gestaltung

Di 14.00 – 17.15
Raum 211



De-pending Structures

Is there beauty in the tight fit? Where lies the detail? We will design and build structures at a 1:1 scale and deploy them in a (public) location in and around the school. The construction will address sculptural, utilitarian and structural qualities to challenge the permeability and (in)habitation of a space within a space. The Depending Structure will be of a parasitic nature, opportunistic but not hostile.

We will design in model and only use drawings to instruct cutting devices (laser cutter, CNC milling). Our preferred construction material is 10/12mm ply wood. The final structure should be considerably light and fabricated on the CNC mill. Each piece is pre-cut, not larger then a man can carry. The jointing technique is biscuit joining and where needed screws.

The Depending Structure should be beautiful and consider issues of independence and integration into a space - a measured ratio of directionality and porosity.

This is not a software course but through learning by doing you will learn something about the translation from drawing to building. We will work in groups and each group is aske to think and operate independently.

This course enables students to develop an understanding of fabrication by designing on the CNC for an actual scale. Throughout the term, students will develop projects that address the design of installation pieces within the school in order to examine the relation of material structures and physical resolutions.

Note : This course will be held in English

Das Fachprojekt ist inhaltlich und organisatorisch dem Institut ADR_Art + Design Research | Gestaltung zugeordnet.

1. Treffen und Einführung: Donnerstag 21.03.2019, 17:30, Raum 116 Clemensstr.